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Chunky Knitting - what a great inspirational pic from the blog Desire to Inspire.  The link will take you to a brilliant post entitled A Handmade Home.

William Turner’s Perspective Lectures Diagrams
During his tenure as Professor of Perspective at the Royal Academy, (between 1807 and 1837) Joseph Mallord William Turner created 170 drawings, perspectives and diagrams in order to use them as visual aids for the lectures. Half of this material was assembled by the author before 1811 (Turner t…
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Carlo Scarpa
Olivetti shop, Venice (1958)

Snare drum notation in Japan; from Hosō Shinshiki furoku aka The Infantry’s New Style Training Manual, written by Inukai Kiyonobu (1865)

Reconstruction of the environs of Piazza San Marco, Venice, as they may have appeared c. 829-1063

Late-20th-century specialist drawing pens by Haff all with plain ebonite handles. the blades made of stainless steel with hardened tips. (Right to left) : Broad pen with numbered settings on a thumb-screw from 0.25- I.20 mm thick: a curve line pen for lines 0.1-0.35 mm thick: a twin road or rail pen: a small fine-line pen for lines 0.2- 0.8 mm thick
Drawing Instruments 1580-1980, Hambly M, 1988

c. 1980
Ellipsograph by Haff in transparent acrylic sheet with chrome plated rotating operating knobs. for use with either ink. pencil or a technical pen.
Drawing Instruments 1580-1980, Hambly M, 1988

AutoCAD Version 2.5 (Release 7)   June 1986
Between The Lines: All Things Autodesk and Technology
Shaan Hurley

French artist Gilles Tosello illustrates the archeological process, or how to find treasure in trash.

Epitaphia und Monumente der Collegiatstifts- und Pfarrkirche St. Wolfgang bei Hag am Burgholz - BSB Cgm 3563, [S.l.], 18. Jh.

Touring Superleggera: Giant Among Classic Italian Coachbuilders (via LE CONTAINER)

"The frontispiece of an Adelard of Bath Latin translation of Euclid’s Elements, c. 1309–1316; the oldest surviving Latin translation of the Elements is a 12th-century translation by Adelard from an Arabic version.”
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